Good prices for even better yields

2014 year of records: the best time to invest is now

The Costa del Sol finished 2014 with an extraordinary growth. There had never been so many visitors and tourists in the history of this region in southern Spain. A whole 10.194.000 visitors rounded up 2014 in the Costa del sol, which represents 7,3% more than the previous year (with 9,5 mill.). This shows a steep, stable growth in the last years which actually has stayed inmune to the past financial crisis. Since 2004 the number of visitors has risen 20% (cp. 8,5 mill. in 2004).

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Confirmation of a spectacular tendency: real estate in Spain

Why a real estate in southern Spain is a safe investment

Autumm comes to an end, winter is approaching at a fast pace and the numbers and data in southern Spain confirm the tendency: tourism and all economy areas related to it keep improving and represent an extremely interesting investment opportunity.

In this case we are not just talking about the well-known qualitiy of life and lifestyle itself that are related to the acquisition of a real estate in the south of Spain, but about an investment that offers a really stable and promising profit which one should land hands on.

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Summer of records at the Costa del Sol

Growth in Luxury Tourism

Up to 800 private flights arrived at the international general terminal of the Málaga Airport in August this year with peaks of 50 private flights a day, which represents 40% increase compared to the same period last year.

After the past crisis the Costa del Sol shows solid signs of recovery. Several royal arabic families and numerous Russian business folk and investors find their way back to the returning luxury tourists of Marbella.

The summer, full with events, brought the Costa del Sol back to the spotlight both as recovery holiday destination and as meeting point for celebrities.

Villa in Benahavís
Villa in Benahavís

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Summer in the Costa del Sol

This is what summer looks like

You only need a short trip over a long weekend to the heart of the Costa del Sol to personally discover and experience what a real summer looks like. You will find some first-hand impressions in the following video. Quality of life to the fullest.

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Andalusia: 1st place as best place to live

It´s really not about luxury, but about quality of life

"Moorish architecture, including the Alhambra, sits alongside thousands of churches and pretty fincas. People dance and eat tapas over the strains of flamenco" - that is how the Telegraph begins one of its latest articles about the good life and where to live it. All in all, 20 very well known destinations that go under the analysis of the author of the article with places like Italy, France, Morocco or Hong Kong. Andalusien and its many qualities made the final round, though, and in fact all the way to the first place. This ideal region from Europe is extremely well presented in one of the latest videos from the institution Málaga Turismo, responsible for promoting tourism in the Costa del Sol.

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