Confirmation of a spectacular tendency: real estate in Spain

Why a real estate in southern Spain is a safe investment

Autumm comes to an end, winter is approaching at a fast pace and the numbers and data in southern Spain confirm the tendency: tourism and all economy areas related to it keep improving and represent an extremely interesting investment opportunity.

In this case we are not just talking about the well-known qualitiy of life and lifestyle itself that are related to the acquisition of a real estate in the south of Spain, but about an investment that offers a really stable and promising profit which one should land hands on.

Incoming travellers and their spending increase

Tourism makes it a perfect time now to invest in the Costa del Sol. The numbers speak for themselves: the arrival of travellers to Málaga increased a whole 4% to reach 4,2 million. On top of that, the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) informs that the indirect income from tourism increased 11,2% breaking a year over year record of over 56.000 million Euro until October 2014 in Spain. The spending coming form international tourism reached 56.374 million in the first 10 months of 2014, which represents an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.

Various factors play a relevant role to achieve such numbers. On the one hand, well settled markets stay strong and loyal (even growing) to the Costa del Sol. This is the case of the German market with over 600.000 overall arriving travellers and an increase of 7,2%; or the British market increasing 4% with over 80.000 more travellers than the year before.

Renting a holiday property: a stable return on investment

Andalusia and the Costa del Sol are an appealing destination not only for international tourists, but also for the local traveller. 70% of Andalusians (and 46% of Spanierds) choose this region as their holiday destination, according to a market study from HomeAway. This develops into a holiday renting market which keeps increasing its business volume and reached 1.898 million Euro in the last three years.

If there still was any doubt that one should make the most out of the current economic cycle in order to get a profitable return on investment, just have a closer look at the numbers and data. These are solid arguments clearly stating that it was never so advisable to make an investment in the Costa del Sol in a luxury holiday apartment by the beach.

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