Summer of records at the Costa del Sol

Growth in Luxury Tourism

Up to 800 private flights arrived at the international general terminal of the Málaga Airport in August this year with peaks of 50 private flights a day, which represents 40% increase compared to the same period last year.

After the past crisis the Costa del Sol shows solid signs of recovery. Several royal arabic families and numerous Russian business folk and investors find their way back to the returning luxury tourists of Marbella.

The summer, full with events, brought the Costa del Sol back to the spotlight both as recovery holiday destination and as meeting point for celebrities.

Villa in Benahavís
Villa in Benahavís

Summer in Marbella - Hollywood stars & millionaires

The second biggest city of the Costa del Sol and meeting point for stars and millionaires has gotten back its flavour and represents again an important destination for anybody who does not want to miss the social life of the European high class society. During the summer numerous, important pesonalities, movie stars or DJs have visited and enjoyed this place. On top of that, the afore mentioned business people and royal families from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which after the Ramadan at the end of July parted to the Costa del Sol to enjoy its many properties as residential tourism destination.

Several events in the Costa del Sol this past summer helped to get to that number of an average of 30 private flights a day at the Málaga airport. For example, the Starlite Festival, where famous artists such as Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Gloria Gaynor or Tom Jones among others participated. A world famous malagueño, Antonio Banderas, also played a relevant role and made sure that several Hollywood Stars like Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham or Kellan Lutz held the world premiere of their film in the Costa del Sol with various parties. Some other well known names from the intenational scene that visited and left a significant mark were David Guetta, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown or Snoop Dogg. The list does not just end there and includes some really well-respected personalities such as the Mexican magnate Carlos Slim or the also Mexican business and industrial Bailleres family.

Numbers from the facts

These events have had a significant impact for the Costa del Sol. The general number of visitors at the Málaga airport showed a growth of 34% in the first two weeks of August, whereas the number of private arrivals at the airport rised a whole 79%.

A really interesting point is the more and more increasing number of foreigner visitors who buy a property in the Costa del Sol. And they do so not just a second residence abroad, but also as investment. The Russian consulate, for example, estimated in 15.000 the number of Russian residents at the Costa del Sol. That means 8,45% of the general 4.974 properties sold to foreigner visitors were sold to Russian investors. Three cities are specially valued and popular; Marbella, Estepona und Benahavís, the so cold "golden triangle" where all of the main luxury businesses take place.

All this has of course a direct impact on the economical life and situation of the Costa del Sol, whose global trade sector reached 25.9 mill. Euro with an import-export coverage of 648% in 2013 according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Andalusia.

Mayan Queen IV property of the Bailleres Family at the Málaga Harbour
Mayan Queen IV property of the Bailleres Family at the Málaga Harbour

Both the social and economical situation indicate that an investment in the Costa del Sol or the acquisition of a real estate are no bad idea at all, at least as long as the prices stay as low as they currently are. We at ATRA LuxusImmobilien take your needs and wishes personally into account, providing you with advice about the various possibilities that you may have to buy an apartment in Marbella, or to make a profitable investment in the Costa del Sol. Please feel free to contact us here if you have any question.

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