Andalusia: 1st place as best place to live

It´s really not about luxury, but about quality of life

"Moorish architecture, including the Alhambra, sits alongside thousands of churches and pretty fincas. People dance and eat tapas over the strains of flamenco" - that is how the Telegraph begins one of its latest articles about the good life and where to live it. All in all, 20 very well known destinations that go under the analysis of the author of the article with places like Italy, France, Morocco or Hong Kong. Andalusien and its many qualities made the final round, though, and in fact all the way to the first place. This ideal region from Europe is extremely well presented in one of the latest videos from the institution Málaga Turismo, responsible for promoting tourism in the Costa del Sol.

Life - different

People are different in this area of Spain, that is actually no news, however, you only realize what that means when you live there. They dance and dine to the sound of folkloric music on the streets, played always with passionate dedication. Even though it is a well known touristic destination, it is no tourist trap where uncountable crowds are taken to. Life here (and tourism) is different. Andalusia offers "a life as rich in history, culture and cuisine as anywhere in Europe".

The general real estate market was some years ago one of the main reasons for the big crisis that almost sank the country. however, the current situation is completely different and you can already see the recovery. It was never so propitious to buy a luxury Villa in Marbella or a country house direct by the Mediteranean Sea. Everything indicates that it is now a good moment to make an investment in the Spanish real estate market.


As said so many times before, it is really not about luxury, but about quality of life!



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